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Any commercial or private building supervisor should be aware of the risks of an uncleaned dryer vent. Hiring professional dryer vent cleaners at Safehouse Dryer Vent Cleaning will reduce the risk of fire and bacteria, eliminate odors, and protect yourself from loss of insurance in the event of an incident. We ...

Safety Comes First

We’re qualified, and able to clean dryer vents at a professional level. We make a point to keep up-to-date with any developments in dryer vent cleaning technology and practices, and clients have been continually impressed with the knowledge, advice, and friendliness of our service. Don't believe us? We‘re happy ...

Safety Comes First!

Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

Dryer Vent

In order to maintain the dryer's optimal performance, the dryer vent AND dryer must be cleaned on a regular basis. Cleaning the dryer vent …

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$175.00 $200 ladder $225 roof/crawlspace

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I'm a longtime homeowner who only recently learned how important it is for the functioning of my dryer to clean the vent out periodically. I don't...  Read more
Sep 1, 2023
Gerry Mandel
We bought a new dryer after our previous one had a fire due to lent build up. After trying a couple different vent cleaning companies, we came...  Read more
Aug 18, 2023
Angela Newcombe


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Safety is very important and clean dryer vents will reduce fire hazards, call me if you need me to help you!

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